Sunday, 21 November 2010


I think I'm going to go in for a new approach at my blog, not really sure what. Perhaps I'll go for a more journalistic aspect as that is my ideal future career, especially in fashion, Vogue to be more precise.

But to do this I'm really going to need to put myself out there, showing my outfits, analysing others.
Might occasionally do the odd thought, like the Donnie Darko post below, but that wasn't the intention of my blog. If you stumble across this I would love you to follow.

I'm not going to reveal who I am in a way. I'm not confident enough to think that people I know want to read this and won't judge or mock me because of it. Hence the name 'censure'. And it comes full circle.

Basic facts that I won't be able to hide are... I'm ginger, I can't afford many clothes so I just mix up my own with others, I don't steal them. I had a friend who did that and claimed they were her sisters. If I need to borrow them, I ask and then give them back once there washed and dried etc but sometimes I forget. I am known to steal my sister's clothes and makeup because she wears them differently and I'm not a fan so I steal them to try different ways. Usually they're too big anyway as she's a size 12 and I'm an 8/10. I like to think anyway. Usually I'll take a 10. But I'm trying to lose weight. And people don't understand why. I'm happy with the way I look now, and I don't feel I HAVE to lose weight. I just worry that I eat more than I exercise so I'm worried about the overall balance of my diet.

Anywayy, that's about it. I'm starting my redesigned webpage in a bizzle.

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Donnie Darko

Just watching donnie darko on youtube, have to say it is pretty good so far.
I'm not really following though to be fair, as i'm trying to multitask.
It seems pretty simple at the moment though, boy with mental illness meets a girl, gets an imaginary 'friend'. The 'friend' makes him do all sorts of stupid things. Which leads me to think we all have a friend like that, imaginary or real. Mine's real, along with most people I suppose. You love them to bits but they always want to push things too far, and if you let them, you get in trouble. If not, you become the 'bad guy' in their eyes. Essentially boring.
But if they can't take you saying no, they need to learn to accept it. Or you need to act assertively and move on. No-one needs a friend like that.
It's a bit of an odd link and not originally what this post was going to be about. But as soon as I started writing, these thoughts just flew out.

Frank is creeping me out.

Saturday, 25 September 2010

go fug yourself

this is one of my favourite blogs to read.
i love the bitchy side of fashion.
this article i agree with majorly.
i cannot stand madonna, i know how people idolize her and i do appreciate her older music. but it gets to a point when you just thing, 'step down madonna. let the fresh talent have the spotlight.' which she is doing with taylor momsen i suppose. BUT MADONNA YOU COULD HAVE YOUR PICK OF YOUNG CELEBRITIES TO WORK WITH. WHY CHOOSE TAYLOR THE BRAT? in my own opinion i see taylor momsen as being different for the sake of being different which i don't respect.
though back to
it's amazing to read, even celebrities can go majorly wrong which is a comfort for us 'normals'
i thoroughly recommend it.

i want...

unisex corduroy west coast shortwell these i have from American Apparel <3 £20
RSAXS301and this top, also from american apparel, £36
and then a statement blazer.
Hot Buy: Antik Batik Dream Embellished Blazer
Haute Hippie-haute hippie beaded short jacket£930. a little bit out of my price range...
blah. i think the new primark might be worth a taz round.

she is beautiful.

if i were to choose a girl crush between cheryl cole and olivia palermo, olivia palermo would win hands down.
she full on always looks stunning, doesn't go for the whole fake look. she just has a natural beauty. and those cheekbones! i think i just love her style. there's just something so individual about it.
hoping to do some styling and shoots soon, when i have time. but then i said i'd do my next post the day after and i think it's been 2 weeks..?
i mean just look at this, the same dress, but if i were to say who wore it best, it would be olivia palermo. the statement cardigan and necklace just make this so much more interesting. victoria beckham still looks good keep it simple, but in comparison. it could not look anymore boring.

Victoria Beckham and Olivia Palermo
 there are literally too many of her outfits that i love to post on here.
Olivia PalermoTHAT IS ANOTHER ONE. . if i had money, i would snap this up in an instant. but i don't.

i think now i'm on here, i'm going to catch up on the blogs i neglected for the past 2/3 weeks.
love yaz.

Monday, 6 September 2010

anonymity is key

this is my blog. i don't need a face to be known. i'll post thoughts on style, what's going on in the world and to those who are interested - myself.

first post coming up tomorrow, or tonight. whenever i feel like it. this blog is not a priority. also my 'a' key is broken, so if i'm missing an 'a' or there are two, just ignore it, cheersssss.